Montgomery Trust

What is the Montgomery Trust?

The purpose of the Trust is to promote lectures 'in explanation and defence of the Christian religion with a view to removing difficulties widely felt in the way of faith and to demonstrate the reasonableness of theistic belief'. Sir Alexander Montgomery of Albury, Surrey, was interested in making known to the public, particularly teachers, the results of modern scholarship on the Bible, with an emphasis upon Christian apologetics.

It has been agreed that some of the lectures may deal with professional issues in the teaching of Religious Education (RE) in a multicultural society. The Trust has three Advisers to oversee the programme - the Dean of St Paul's, the Dean of Westminster and the Dean of King's College, London.

The Advisers, together with the Chief Executive of Christian Education, are responsible for the appointment of lecturers. Christian Education undertakes the practical work of administration.

What does the Montgomery Trust do?

The Montgomery Trust enables groups to have the services of a lecturer of national repute at one of their meetings. Many of those hearing the lectures work in schools; many are RE teachers. Other groups hosting lectures are theological societies and councils of churches.

Who chooses the subject of a Montgomery Lecture?

The subject is one agreed between the lecturer and the local group and generally reflects the lecturer's own interests. Lecturers may be invited to any part of the United Kingdom, but are, of course, free to refuse an invitation which involves too much travelling or which clashes with professional duties.

The Montgomery Trust will pay the lecturer's fee of £150 and travelling expenses of 45p per mile or second class rail fare. Necessary overnight hotel accommodation may also be charged. A list of lecturers and their preferred topics follows.

How do I book a Montgomery Trust Lecturer?

Complete the online form or print a form, complete and return it to us. As many of the lecturers have very full diaries, please give alternative names and dates wherever possible to avoid disappointment. Lecturers will not accept more than four engagements per year.

Applications should always be returned to the Christian Education office in this way, never direct to the lecturer, please. Groups may apply in successive years provided they have returned a report form after previous Montgomery Lectures, but will only be allowed one lecture per academic year.