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Dr Elaine Storkey

Dr Elaine Storkey

Elaine Storkey is one of the most experienced writers and speakers in relating the Christian Gospel to contemporary culture. She has a background in philosophy, sociology and theology and has many years experience of teaching in British Universities and overseas, including in USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ethiopia, Haiti, India, Scandinavia, and other parts of Europe. She is President of Tear Fund, a member of High Table at Newham College, Cambridge, and lecturer on the postgraduate Christian Mind Course at Oxford. For twenty-five years she has been involved in broadcasting, and in radio and television documentaries. She has authored a number of books, with two to be published in 2013-4 Scars across Humanity, and a biography of Lyn Lusi, founder of Heal Africa. She is a member of the Church of England's General Synod and of numerous boards, councils and working parties which address the interface of culture and Christianity.

I am happy to consider any lecture topics in the area of Culture and Christianity.

Lecture Topics

1 Christian Communication in a Postmodern Age

2 Christian Theology for Development and Western Relations with the Third World

3 Film and Theology

4 Gender and Difference: The Debate so Far

5 Is Christianity Dying in the West? The Secularisation Thesis Revisited