Canon Professor Vernon White

Visiting Professor in Theology at King's College London

Vernon is Visiting Professor in Theology at King's College London, and freelance lecturer and writer. Until recently, he was Canon Theologian at Westminster Abbey.

He has wide-ranging interests in public, moral, philosophical and 'literary' theology, and varied experience for working in Theological Education, University Chaplaincy, Cathedral and Parish ministry.


The Fall of a Sparrow: An Essay on the Concept of Special Divine Action (1985)
Atonement and Incarnation (1991)
Paying Attention to People: An Essay on Individualism and Christian Belief (1996)
Identity (2002)
Life Beyond Death: Threads of Hope in Faith, Life and Theology (2006)
Purpose and Providence: Taking Soundings in Western Thought, Literature and Theology (2015)

Lecture titles

  • Faith and Ethics in a Secular World
  • Providence: A Necessary but Impossible Doctrine
  • Images of God
  • Life Beyond Death
  • Personal Identity and the Virtue of Fidelity