Dr Anne Richards

Church of England’s National Adviser for Mission Theology, New Religious Movements and Alternative Spiritualities

Anne is the convener of the Mission Theology Advisory Group (MTAG), an ecumenical group of mission academics and practitioners, which resources churches in the areas of spirituality, theology, reconciliation, evangelism and mission.


In her role as National Adviser, Anne is a prolific writer and speaker and has produced a large number of mission-focussed books and articles. These include (with MTAG):

The Search for Faith and the Witness of the Church (1996)
Presence and Prophecy (2002)
Sense Making Faith (2007)
Unreconciled (2011)

Resources on mission and social action are available at the Dispossession Project, and she also manages Spiritual Journeys for spiritual seekers.

Anne also regularly writes on rural mission and on child theology, including:

Through the Eyes of a Child (2009)
Children in the Bible (2013)

Lecture titles

  • A New Theology of Evangelism
  • Issues in Contemporary Spirituality
  • New Religious Movements (NRM)