Dr Meg Warner

Tutor in Old Testament and Biblical Hebrew at Northern College, teaching in Manchester’s Luther King Centre

Meg seeks to hold together academic theological teaching and research with a more popular teaching and writing ministry. Meg is invited to speak regularly at international Biblical Studies conferences and by dioceses around the Anglican Communion and within the Church of England on topics relating to the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible, with a particular focus on Genesis and the Pentateuch, including topics which explore the application of those ancient texts to today’s ethical issues.


Joseph: A Story of Resilience (SPCK, 2020)
Tragedies and Christian Congregations: The Practical Theology of Trauma
(Routledge, 2020), editor and contributor
Abraham: A Journey Through Lent
(SPCK Lent Book 2016)

Lecture titles

  • 'I will give you all this land' – Exploring the Biblical Land Promise
  • Abraham our Father – Abraham as First Ecumenist
  • Why Should Christians Read the Old Testament? (Or ‘What has the Old Testament Done for Us?’)