Dr Philip Lewis

Consultant to the Bishop of Leeds on Islam

Philip advised Anglican Bishops in Bradford on Islam and Christian Muslim Relations for over 25 years, and has lectured at Bradford University's Peace Studies Department on 'Islam in the West' and 'Religions, Conflict and Peace Making'.

Since retiring he remains a consultant to the Bishop of Leeds on Islam, and is a scholar consultants to the national Christian Muslim Forum. His passion is for finding ways to help churches recover a proper confidence in the gospel in the context of religious diversity in general, and Islam in particular.


Young, British and Muslim (Continuum 2007)
'For the Peace of the City: Bradford – a case-study in developing inter-community and inter-religious relations' in World Christianity in Muslim Encounter (Continuum 2009)
Between Naivety and Hostility: Uncovering the Best Christian Responses to Islam in Britain (Authentic Media Limited 2011)
The Routledge Handbook of Christian-Muslim Relations (2016)

Lecture titles

  • Muslim Religious Leaders in Britain
  • The Dynamics of Violent Extremism within Islam Today and Possibilities for Deradicalisation
  • Topics which Continue to Divide the Two Faiths – the Limits of Religious Freedom