Dr Rebecca Nye

Researcher, consultant and trainer in the field of children's spirituality

Originally a psychologist, Rebecca conducted a landmark empirical study of children's spirituality in the early 1990s with David Hay, (The Spirit of the Child, Hay and Nye 2006). A counter-cultural approach to Christian formation called 'Godly Play' particularly interests her. This respects our childlike, intuitive spirituality, whilst intentionally supporting the use of traditional spiritual language and habits.

Rebecca lectures in childhood studies and Developmental Psychology for the Open University, teaches for the Cambridge Theological Federation and leads training in Godly Play across Europe. Her current research projects are on hearing the voice of pupil spirituality in church schools, raising teacher and clergy awareness of childhood spirituality and attending to the spirituality of sick children.

Virtual lectures

Rebecca is currently offering lectures online only, via Zoom. Please ask about this when making your booking.


Psychology for Christian Ministry (Watts, Nye and Savage 2002)
Children's Spirituality: What it is and Why it Matters (2009)

Lecture titles

  • Recognising Children’s Spirituality
  • Spirituality, Children and Worship
  • Teaching Christ to Children?