Michael Harvey

Developer of Back to Church Sunday and Weekend of Invitation

As the developer of Back to Church Sunday, Michael has worked with churches throughout the UK, and throughout the English speaking world. He has spoken to thousands of church leaders and congregational members in his seminars and has seen hundreds of thousands of Christians mobilised to invite others to church, resulting in more than 1 million accepted invitations. He launched the first National Weekend of Invitation in June 2018, and the Acorn evangelism spiritual practice in May 2020.

Michael is the author of the books Unlocking the Growth and Creating a Culture of Invitation in Your Church. His latest book is The Invitation to Heal. As an itinerant speaker, he has a ministry across 18 countries and five continents. He is a member of the College of Evangelists. Michael is a visiting fellow at St John’s College, Durham, and also originated and leads a science-faith organisation that has reached over 6,500 school children in the past year.

Michael is married to Eike and they have three adult children, Ben, Kirsty and Lydia, and three granddaughters Phoebe, Ruby and Evie.


Unlocking the Growth (2012)
Creating a Culture of Invitation in Your Church (2015)
The Invitation to Heal (2020)

Lecture titles

  • God and the Big Bang
  • Invitation to Heal
  • What on earth has Christianity done for this country?