Revd Canon Professor Richard Burridge

Dean of King's College, London

Richard is Dean of King's College London, where he is also Professor of Biblical Interpretation. He taught Classics initially, before researching on Jesus and the gospels, for which work Pope Francis gave him the Ratzinger Prize in 2013. He was the only non-Catholic to be honoured in this way.

He is also Canon Theologian of Salisbury Cathedral, and was Deputy Chair of the Ethical Investment Advisory Group.


What are the Gospels?: A Comparison with Graeco-Roman Biography (new edition, Eerdmans 2004)
Four Gospels, One Jesus?: A Symbolical Reading (SPCK Classic 2013)
John: The People’s Bible Commentary (Bible Reading Fellowship 2013)
Imitating Jesus: An Inclusive Approach to New Testament Ethics (Eerdmans 2007)

He appears regularly on TV and other media to comment on theology, church affairs and ethics.

Photo: Neil Turner

Lecture titles

  • New Testament Ethics Today
  • Reading/Teaching the Gospels Today
  • What are the Gospels?