Revd Dr Gillian Straine

CEO of The Guild of Health and St Raphael

Gillian is CEO of The Guild of Health and St Raphael (, an ecumenical Christian organisation with a vision to enable and encourage churches and individual Christians to be healing presences in the world for the benefit of all. The activities of GoHealth include an online membership community, a network of churches engaged in healing, online and in person training, advising and teaching, plus a growing podcast. The charity also publishes a journal and develops curricula for external organisations.

In addition, Gillian is an elected fellow of the International Society for Science and Religion, a trustee of The Christian Evidence Society, the chairperson of The Science and Religion Forum, and visiting scholar at Sarum College within the Centre for Human Flourishing.

Trained to doctorate level in physics and holding a master’s degree in theology from the University of Oxford, Gillian is passionate about engaging others about these twin magisteria. With experience of project management, high level research and trained in communications, she directs a charity focused on healing and health, working to promote spiritual healing as part of a whole person approach to health. Current area of research: Science, religion and healing.



Are there limits to science? CSP, 2017, ed. Cancer: A Pilgrim’s Guide, SPCK 2017. Introducing Science and Religion: A path through Polemic, SPCK, 2014.


Far Infrared cooling rates in the upper troposphere: reconciling models and observations, 2005.


Lecture titles

  • Cancer: a pilgrim companion through the experience of serious illness
  • Why Christian healing is dangerous and why we need it more than ever
  • Why going to church is good for your health – the science and theology of Christian flourishing