The Very Revd Professor Martyn Percy

Fellow of Edinburgh University, King’s College London, and Harris Manchester College, Oxford

Martyn Percy is a Fellow of Edinburgh University, King’s College London, and Harris Manchester College, Oxford. He is a cultural and political commentator, and a contextual, practical and pastoral theologian.

Like other theologians operating within this tradition, he is adept with sociology, anthropology, business, leadership and cultural studies. He writes on theology and public life, cultural change and social values. Besides his scholarly output, Martyn Percy also writes, preaches and teaches on Christian spirituality. His sermons and meditations are published globally (several volumes with Canterbury Press), and his homilies and reflections have appeared in the secular press for over three decades.

Martyn has held number of roles in public life, serving as a Director of the Advertising Standards Authority, and as an Adjudicator for the Portman Group, the self-regulating body for the alcoholic drinks industry. He has served as a Commissioner of the Direct Marketing Authority, and was an Advisor to the British Board of Film Classification. He has also been a Home Office approved advisor for ethical screening in research science, chaired the University of Oxford’s Committee for Reviewing Donors (2017-2021), Welfare Committee (2016-2018), and acted as a Panel Assessor for Social Services in adoption and fostering.

Martyn has the curious distinction of being the only living theologian to feature in Dan Brown’s 2003 The Da Vinci Code, and was described in the journal Theology as the British theologian closest to being a ‘missionary anthropologist’. His writings were the subject of an academic study, Reasonable Radical: Reading the Writings of Martyn Percy, edited by Ian Markham & Joshua Daniels.

Virtual lectures

Martyn is available to deliver his lectures online, via Zoom or streaming. Please ask about this option when making your booking.


Martyn writes on religion in contemporary culture and modern ecclesiology. His recent books include:

Anglicanism: Confidence, Commitment and Communion (Ashgate)
Thirty-Nine New Articles: An Anglican Landscape of Faith (Canterbury Press)

His writings were the subject of the book, Reasonable Radical: Reading the Writings of Martyn Percy (Pickwick Publishing, 2018: Edited by Ian Markham & Joshua Daniels)

Lecture titles

  • Christianity and Contemporary Culture
  • Modern Ecclesiology
  • Practical Theology