Information for Organisers

The Montgomery Trust gives you the opportunity to book a renowned lecturer for your special event at no cost to you. The Trust pays the lecturer’s fees and travel costs.

With over 30 lecturers and nearly 100 lecture topics available, we are confident you will find the perfect combination for your audience.

Hosting a lecture is very exciting! It engages your community, starts conversations, presents different opinions and provides a space for discussion. Previous hosts have included cathedrals and churches, community and special-interest groups, chaplaincies, universities and schools.

Guidelines for hosts

The following guidelines outline the governance and purposes of the Montgomery Trust Lectureship, providing you with all the information you require.

Guidelines for hosts

The date of your lecture is set, so now you need to tell people about it!

To help promote your event, please visit our promoting your event page.

Once you have organised your lecture ...

To help us monitor and report back to the Montgomery Trust advisers, it would be most helpful, if you, as the organiser and host of a lecture, could complete and return an 'Organiser evaluation form' as soon as possible after the lecture has taken place. Thank you.

Organiser evaluation form: Word / PDF