Promoting Your Event

You've planned your Montgomery Trust lecture, the date is set and now you need to tell people about it. 

There are plenty of ways to leverage free promotion of the event. Here are some suggestions, some obvious and some requiring a bit of work. They have been devised to help you to encourage more people to attend.

Word of mouth

This is still one of the most powerful selling tools because it comes with a reliable, credible endorsement, so start with your group members and supporters.

Use your meetings, regular communications, newsletters, Facebook page, Twitter feed and Instagram account to let them know about your event and encourage them to tell their friends and friends of friends. 

Email bulletins

Make sure you have your members, supporters, local organisations and businesses on email, and send a mass email to let them know about the event (where, when, why, cost, RSVP, etc.).

Not only is this a low-cost form of communication, it means people are notified instantly. 

Email signature

Add your lecture information to your email signature.


In your email to supporters, ask them to forward your message to people they think would be interested in your event or to post the information on any site or notice board that they think would be appropriate.

It's amazing the way people have access to networks that you would never think of or have access to yourself.


You can use other people's mail-outs for publicity. Approach local churches, community organisations and businesses which do regular mail-outs and ask if they would mind including a sheet advertising your event in their next one. Alternatively, ask them to send a copy of the poster to their email address lists. 

Local newspapers

Below you will find a sample press release, which you can download and use as a template to write your own. Simply add in the details of your event, and change the parts in bold by entering your own details.

You could send this press release to your local radio station or newspaper by contacting their newsdesk – this information is usually available online.

Sample press release: Word / PDF


With enough advance notice, you can chase up the editors of newsletters even vaguely linked to your area, or your area of interest.

Ask them to promote the Montgomery Trust Lecture in their next issue. It could be the newsletter of a school, a local association, an arts, music or history group in your area or a similar group in the next town or suburb.

Posters and flyers 

Use a simple design to create a poster and flyer to promote your event, including information about the lecture, a photograph of the lecturer, the theme and details of where the lecture is being held, how to attend, the date and time and contact information.

Shop windows

Local shops and cafés may be prepared to display your information in their window. Also be sure to approach libraries, schools, universities and offices with noticeboards.

Social media

Use your personal or organisations Twitter and/or Facebook account to promote the date and theme of your event to the online community.